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Epi Check & Inject

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

The cost of readiness measured against the number of patients with anaphylaxis means that for most agencies, Epi Pens can be one of the most costly items to keep in stock. Add in the potential for injury secondary to administration and provider failure to aggressively treat anaphylaxis. The result is a system that is set up for failure. The Epi Check & Inject program enables Services to overcome these challenges through simple clinical, operational, and educational enhancements.

- Check & Inject: Training Officer Guide

- Check & Inject: Powerpoint slides

- Check & Inject: Educational video

- Check & Inject: Quiz

- Check & Inject: Demo pricing list

- Check & Inject: Insert Card 3x5 (side 1)

- Check & Inject: Insert Card 3x5 (side 2)

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