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Pediatric Transport

We've known for a long time that as an industry, we need to do more for the safe transport of our pediatric patients. Most improvements we've made and implemented still leave a large gap for our vulnerable populations. Newborn patients are often transported in the arms of the mother, unrestrained, with little thought of crash-rated restraint. This post highlights two separate pediatric transport devices that are relatively new to the market: one for sick children (4 lbs to 99 lbs), and another for healthy newborns which combines the clinical practice of skin-to-skin contact with crash-rated safety.

- Overview of ACR4 & KangooFix

- Prodigy video reviewing Pediatric Transport

- Pediatric Transport Products for Ground Ambulances

- Improving Occupant Protection for Non-Critical Pediatric Patients in Ambulances

- Safe Transport of Children by EMS: Interim Guidance

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